M M A Al Noman

M M A Al Noman
M M A Al Noman
M M A Al Noman
M M A Al Noman
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About M M A Al Noman

Highly skilled of Information Technology and 3 year experience in IT Security, analyzing and responding to internet security threats. Demonstrated knowledge infrastructure. Strong understanding of
network and security management. Additional skill in web design development & Graphics design. Proven record of success diagnosing and resolving technical/customer inquiries. Able to clearly understand problems and fin positive solutions through use of troubleshooting, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication.

My Skill

Ubuntu, Kali, Windows 83%
Basic Networking 70%
Cryptography & Steganography 86%
Digital Forensics 72%
Penetration Testing 80%
Malware Analysis 69%
SIEM Tools (Splunk) 75%
Wireshark, Nmap, Autopsy 81%
Metasploit, Burp-Suite, Fuzzing 70%
Open source Intelligence, Reconnaissance 64%
Programming (Python) 40%
Web Coding (HTML,CSS,SQL,PHP) 85%
CTF Player 82%
WordPress Developer 85%
Photoshop and Canva Designer 80%
Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, presentation 85%
Linux & Cent OS based Server management 74%
server & Website backup & Transfer 78%
Fluently windows Operating system & Basic in Linux 79%
Docker, Nginx, PHPMYADMIN, Xampp 75%
Time Management 86%
Problem Solving Skills 78%
Team Management Skills 83%

Certified AppSec Practitioner (CAP), The
SecOps Group, 2023

Certified Network Security Practitioner
(CNSP), 2023

Diploma In Computer Science & ICT, SIT

National Cyber Drill 2021, BGD e-GOV CIRT
Advent Of Cyber 2021, TryHackMe

Technical Deep Dive with Incident Response
Tools, Coursera

Android Bug Bounty Hunting: Hunt Like a Rat,
Codered EC-Council, 2022

SQL Injection Attacks, Codered EC-Council,

IEEE Cyber Security Capture The Flag BootCamp 2021

Common Cyber Security Attacks And
Defense Strategies, Codered EC-Council,

Advent of Cyber 2021, TryHackMe


National University, Gazipur

Obtained my Bachelor of Social Science in Economics in 2019